Construction of the Sucre bridge in Ciudad Bolívar advances 

#Bolívar The construction of the Sucre bridge shows 47% progress

Guyana will celebrate the Filven 2023 in May

#Bolívar The magic of reading will take over the inhabitants of the Caroní municipality.

Domestic gas distribution strengthened in Bolívar

#Bolívar Eight parishes have benefited through the weekly supply of domestic gas

Forest fire brigade installed in Bolívar

#Bolívar More than 150 forest fires have occurred so far this year and have affected more than 350 hectares

Domestic air routes increased 20% in Guyana

#Bolívar The demand of users for the provision of the service went from 25 weekly flights to 30

They put "Ciudad Bolívar Bonita" with a road rehabilitation plan

#Bolívar Lighting, road demarcation and restoration of ornaments were some of the works carried out

Street Government benefited families in Upata

#Bolívar In a previous approach, the Piar mayor's office listened to the needs of community leaders in Upata

Families of San Félix were approached with a social day

The main beneficiaries were older adults from the Simón #Bolívar parish

They restore houses in the historic center of Ciudad Bolívar 

#Bolívar The project contemplates the rehabilitation and painting of homes throughout the historic epicenter of the capital entity

Guyana women hold entrepreneurship expo

#Bolívar Encouraging other women from the entity to show their work is one of the objectives