Carriers from Ocumare de la Costa have a service center

#Aragua The Attention Center will allow to respond to the sector in the tourist area of ​​Aragua

Aragueños protected by more than 3 thousand officials

#Aragua Officials from the different Prevention and Citizen Security agencies are deployed throughout the territory

Downed a garitero of the Train of Aragua

The police arrived at the scene and the criminals immediately began an exchange of fire.

In Maracay they monitor the passage of the Tropical Wave

#Aragua Prevention work is coordinated in communities at risk in the southern area of ​​Maracay

More than a thousand Bricomiles will recover schools in Aragua

#Aragua The brigades will participate in the rehabilitation of the schools of the 18 municipalities

Aragüeños will worship Saint John the Baptist

#Aragua The central celebration to venerate Saint John the Baptist will take place this June 23

More than 500 women treated with the Surgical Plan in Aragua

#Aragua Patients from the 18 municipalities have been favored with family planning policies

They work to restore electricity service in Ocumare de la Costa

#Aragua Corpoelec crews are working on three lines of towers that were affected by the rains in Ocumare de la Costa

They killed two kidnappers during the rescue of a merchant

The victim is identified as Carlos Miguel Mendoza Hernández (30), who was kidnapped on June 9

Activate water wells in Turmero through 1×10

#Aragua More than 750 families from three communities will be supplied with the vital liquid