Grandparents House inaugurated in the San Vicente de Maracay sector

#Aragua Activities continue on the occasion of the week of the Elderly

Regions have free dental service

In hospitals of Aragua and Carabobo they do extractions and endodontics

They attend to damages due to rains in the Aragua State Council

#Aragua Authorities monitor levels of the Tuy river

In Las Tejerías they guarantee the attention of the elderly

#Aargua General Staff will provide assistance in health, food, recreation and training

Los Chancleta outside the street in Aragua

Dedicated to the sale of marijuana on public roads

More than four thousand Aragüeños favored with Fairs of the Sovereign Field

#Aragua Nearly 20 tons of food were distributed through the Clap

Rains affected the south of Maracay

#Aragua There were also flooding in Francisco de Miranda and Paraparal in the municipality of Linares Alcántara

In Maracay they have solved more than 500 cases through the 1×10 

#Aragua In the city of Maracay they attend cases of health areas, public services through 1x10

In Aragua they join the campaign "I Respect Autism"

#Aragua They painted murals in the cities of La Victoria and Las Tejerías

TSJ ratified sentences against four who defrauded the Government of Aragua

The investigation began in December 2017 at the request of the governor of Aragua, Rodolfo Marcos Torres.