3.000 tons of peanuts per year are produced in Anzoátegui

#Anzoátegui Agropecuaria Radum de El Tigrito contributes 800.000 kilograms of peanuts per harvest

Rural road adaptation plan activated in Anzoátegui

#Anzoátegui Regional Government announced the intervention of 500 kilometers of rural roads in 10 municipalities

Pet Icea Cream: the refreshing food for pets in Barcelona

Ice cream is a food supplement because it is made from chicken leg broth.

Mitigation plan for invasive coral in Mochima Park advances

#Anzoátegui 15 islands are affected by the Unomia Stolonifera coral in the western marine sector of the entity

Anzoatiguenses celebrated the Virgin of Candelaria in Cantaura

#Anzoátegui Pueblo turned to accompany the chamariapera virgin after 2 years with restrictions

In Anzoátegui, the third phase of the National Surgical Plan began

#Anzoátegui More than a thousand people will benefit from surgical interventions

The Carnival in Barcelona started this Friday with the traditional cry

#Anzoátegui The 14 candidates for the crown were presented

Tranzoátegui incorporates the T-Ticket system for digital ticket payment

#Anzoátegui New equipment for electronic ticketing was installed in 25 units

Minaguas inspected the water system in Anzoátegui state

#Anzoátegui Authorities verified the operation of the main plants of the water system

Three women arrested for alleged university fraud in El Tigre

Authorities count nearly 400 victims of the scam in #Anzoátegui