Dead sea turtle found on Puerto La Cruz beach

#Anzoátegui The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), also known as the loggerhead turtle, was found dead on Doral beach

Reforest urban and rural areas in Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz

#Anzoátegui Aerial planting of 28 thousand 309 avios was carried out in Cerro Venezuela in Barcelona and the Caratal sector of Puerto La Cruz

They arrested a military man accused of joining a car-stealing gang

It remains to capture two men who are the leaders of the gang

In Anzoátegui, the Indigenous Maternal Center received its first baby 

#Anzátegui It is the first maternity destined for the native peoples

They activate food program for the return to classes in Anzoátegui

#Anzoátegui With the program "Feeding the Future of the Homeland" they guarantee food to more than 300 thousand students

Cleaning days continue in Playas de Anzoátegui

#Anzoátegui More than 120 kilometers of coastline were intervened with sanitation

PDVSA Brigade Fights Fire at Puerto La Cruz Refinery

El Aissami reported that the situation is being controlled and explained that it was caused by the impact of lightning

Operations will resume at the PDVSA Oriente dock after putting out the fire

The fire occurred after the breaking of a gasoline loading arm

Two maternity centers inaugurated in Anzoátegui state

#Anzoátegui Women from 11 indigenous communities will be treated at the health center

They announce the reopening of the fifth toll on roads in Anzoátegui

#Anzoátegui The tolls known as Los Potocos, San Juan de Unare, Mesones and Guanipa are currently operational.