Two people arrested in Portuguesa for fuel trafficking

One of the captured is a sergeant of the GNB and was caught in flagrante delicto

Disinfection plan applied in residences and shops in Portuguesa

522.000 people have been treated with the house-to-house screening of covid-19

Covid-19 screening reaches rural communities in Guanare

During Easter the brigades maintain the personalized massive approach

Insulin delivered in Portuguese to diabetic patients

More than 60 patients were treated at the conference and will continue next week

Until noon public transport will work in Portuguesa

They will restrict fuel supply to the sector

Campo Soberano brought protein combos to 5.780 families in Portuguesa

The distribution plan started with 23,69 tons of food

Faithful celebrated Palm Sunday at home

The start of Easter was at a distance due to the coronavirus quarantine

Faithful celebrated Palm Sunday at home

The beginning of Easter was remote by quarantine of the coronavirus

New schedule will govern commercial activity in Portuguesa

Governor Rafael Calles announced more radical measures for the prevention of covid-19

In Portuguesa they guarantee fuel to agricultural producers

40% of diesel is distributed to rural municipalities with great agricultural potential