On alert for rains PCs remain in Portuguesa

#Portuguesa The rains have caused the Saguaz and Biscucuy rivers to rise

Activated Command in Portuguesa before tropical wave 

#Portuguesa 180 PC officials are deployed to provide support to wave No. 11

They rehabilitate roads in the coffee zone of Portuguesa

#Portuguesa They have three projects to improve coffee production and electric lighting

They rehabilitate millionaire water tanks in Portuguesa

#Portuguesa In the municipalities of Ospino and San Genaro de Boconoíto they work to restore the piped water service

Overflow of the Guanare River floods Portuguesa

#Portuguese Families were evacuated due to high water levels in the municipality of Papelón

Sugarcane farmers in emergency due to floods in Portuguesa

#Portuguese Producers ask to declare an emergency and allege that between Guanare and Papelón more than 16.000 hectares of crops are under water

Evacuated in Portuguesa 37 families due to floods

#Portuguesa Streets, houses and even crops were flooded in different sectors as a result of the overflow of the Guanare River

Construction of the Biscucuy electrical substation began in Portuguesa 

#Portuguesa The work will guarantee the stability of the service in the upper zone of Portuguesa to favor coffee production

They investigate six PNB officials in Portuguesa

The MP will investigate the officials for illegitimate deprivation of liberty and cruel treatment

20 families affected by rains in Portuguesa

#Portuguesa Trees and poles fell due to gusts of wind due to recent rains in the entity