Netflix acquires Next Games to create "world-class games"

More titles for the popular streaming service

Elden Ring streamers are prohibited from receiving donations

Japanese streamers have moved from Twitch to YouTube

Reveal Pro model of a new Nintendo Switch

The information came from a leak in Nvidia, victim of cyberattack

The creator of Elden Ring apologizes for the difficulty of the game

Players have been complaining that they put it uphill

Nintendo pulls Super Smash Bros from EVO

The decision is made after the purchase of Sony

Google presents a first view of Android 13

It is expected to be released after June this year.

A 3D screen in Tokyo presents a spectacular Final Fantasy

It is the promotion of one of the games of the saga most loved by fans

Sony gives us a first look at the PlayStation VR2 headset

They published the first official images and more details

From Lara Croft to Aloy, 25 years of visual evolution

Graphic quality has revolutionized video games

Aloy, a video game character on the cover of Vanity Fair

Aloy has been an inspiration in female empowerment in the industry