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ZODI Yaracuy proposes support brigade with civilian drone operators

Drone owners would join the volunteer service in emergency and security situations

The Yaracuy Comprehensive Defense Zone (ZODI) met with about 40 owners and operators of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (SARP), known colloquially as drones, to articulate the formation of a special brigade to serve as support in cases of emergencies, security and strategic interest for the entity.

The commander of the ZODI, G/D Luis Reyes Rivero, reported this Thursday that the ZODI plan is to call on all those who have drones to formalize themselves before the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) and join the civic-military team that it aspires to be established, in support of state security.

He explained that as a preliminary phase to the integration of the brigade, all remotely piloted aircraft operators will be trained with the support of INAC, for which the necessary articulations will be made with this institution.

The purpose is to train them and help them manage the corresponding permits so that they can operate legally and, at the same time, contribute their skills and experiences in some activities that are of interest to the Yaracuyan community.

Reyes Rivero highlighted that by forming the team, security and rescue actions in the state can be expanded, in specific situations such as natural emergencies, traffic accidents, forest fires, people lost in the forests or mountains and others in which overflights with Drones can be of help.

“We are inviting all those who own drones and have the will to organize and formalize their certifications to do so, from ZODI we will provide them with all the support. In addition, let us integrate a volunteer brigade that will be of great support to the entire state,” he stressed.

The plan is to adequately train operators and help them formalize and organize themselves

Full integration

For his part, the director of the Dron Yaracuy company, Enrique Henríquez, highlighted that both he and all his staff will actively participate in the formation of the brigade, to support all the tasks in which their equipment can be useful.

“We are ready to help with whatever is necessary, in addition to forming a brigade of drone operators to support the actions and tasks assigned to us. That is the objective, to be useful to the state where we operate,” Henriquez stressed.

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