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Yaracuyanos ratify unrestricted support for President Nicolás Maduro

In a massive march held in Guama, Sucre municipality, the people demonstrated against the sanctions

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the allied parties of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) carried out a massive march and rally in the town of Guama, Sucre municipality of Yaracuy, in rejection of international sanctions and in support of the re-election of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

Hundreds of sympathizers and militants of the revolutionary parties, and the general public, participated in the extensive mobilization that covered more than two kilometers of the main road of Guama and reached a platform installed on a street located behind the mayor's office.

The march was full of emotion and a lot of joy, with young people and people of all ages who chanted songs and slogans that remembered Commander Hugo Chávez and expressed full support for Nicolás Maduro in the presidential elections on July 28.

Only Maduro guarantees the country's economic recovery

The state coordinator of the PSUV and governor of the entity, Julio León, when speaking on stage, meant that the Venezuelan economy has been progressively recovering thanks to the policies that President Nicolás Maduro has been promoting to help boost it.

“Each mobilization we do surpasses the previous one. Here are the Yaracuyan people supporting their president, his commitment to the country, because they know that the future and the future are with Nicolás Maduro. With it we achieved peace, consensus to recover the economy, as is already manifested in our purchasing power and that is why we must fight to continue moving forward,” León highlighted.

In this regard, he recalled that international organizations indicate that Venezuela will be the country with the highest economic growth this year, thanks, precisely, to the actions developed by President Maduro to achieve such goals.

The state leadership of the GPP parties led the rally

All united with Maduro

For his part, the regional president of Podemos, Rodolfo Giménez, highlighted that the Yaracuyan people took to the streets to defend the homeland and declare Maduro's victory in the upcoming elections on June 28.

“We Yaracuyans are clear about the commitment we have to defend the achievements made in the Revolution, and why we must go out en masse to vote for Nicolás Maduro for presidential re-election on July 28. That's why we are here, all united, telling the whole world that we are going with Nico, there is no turning back," said the party leader. vinotinto.

Meanwhile, the regional coordinator of the PSUV Youth, Yarismar Pinto, referred to the emotion transmitted in each mobilization, in each meeting that is organized in support of the president, it is truly contagious.  

“We are in the street, with great joy and emotion, calling on everyone to defend our revolution, our president and everything we have and cannot let lose. "We are going to continue hope with hope in the streets, together with Nicolás Maduro."

Pinto indicated that to guarantee the electoral victory of the GPP parties and President Maduro on July 28, the Jpsuv is reinforcing its 1×10 structures and contributing to the entire electoral machinery in the 14 municipalities.

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