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Podemos Yaracuy reinforces structure for the 28J elections

The plan is to promote street work, consolidate the 1x10 lists and strengthen the participation of table witnesses

The Podemos party in Yaracuy reinforces its electoral machinery as part of the work that the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) carries out in Yaracuy, to guarantee the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro, in the next electoral elections on July 28.

This was reported this Monday by the regional president of the awning red wine, Rodolfo Giménez, who explained that in a meeting of the party's state board of directors, held over the weekend, the final lines of what the campaign will be carried out until the holding of the presidential elections.

He explained that the Podemos structure is deployed in the 14 municipalities, accompanying the rest of the political organizations of the GPP in the formation of the 1×10 lists. The plan is to check, street by street, that each registered militant is ready to go out to vote very early in the election, in defense of the Bolivarian revolution and the country.

“In our last regional assembly, held with our 25 coordinations, we agreed to reinforce the registration of the 1x10x7 electoral lists, which has just been opened in an automated manner, to advance in an organized manner towards the triumph of our president Nicolás Maduro on July 28 ”Giménez stressed.

Organization is the key

The representative of Podemos in Yaracuy affirmed that the organization of the Chavista machinery is the key to success in the upcoming presidential elections. “All the GPP parties are on the streets, visiting the communities, house by house, to refine the details of the great victory that we will obtain.”

“We are in the communities, visiting our leadership, holding assemblies and discussions, municipality by municipality, advancing in the construction of a great unstoppable force, which will demonstrate that all Yaracuyans defend the achievements achieved in the revolution,” he stated.

Table witness training

Likewise, the regional leader of Podemos said that the work of training witnesses in the 14 municipalities will also be reinforced to guarantee the defense of the vote in the 514 voting centers enabled in the entity. The purpose is to have a witness at each of the 759 tables that will open for election day.

“It is an instruction at the national level to prepare and participate in all activities, and not only those related to the electoral campaign, but also those linked to public policies, such as the street government days, alongside our governor. Julio León, the My Home Learn by Doing program, and others that are part of the management of the revolutionary Government,” Giménez highlighted.

Finally, he mentioned that for the electoral simulation on June 30, Podemos will mobilize to each electoral center, as a rehearsal of the actions that will be applied on election day.

“We have a strengthened structure, waiting for the call to go out and vote for our brother president Nicolás Maduro and demonstrate that democracy is what predominates and what we defend within this revolutionary process,” stated the regional president of Podemos.

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