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New well system in San Felipe will solve the lack of water

Five wells will be installed in different sectors of the capital of Yaracuy to improve distribution in more than 60 communities

The Bolivarian Mayor's Office of San Felipe, in Yaracuy, began the excavation of five new wells in different communities of the jurisdiction, which are part of a water production and distribution plan with which they will largely resolve the lack of the vital liquid in more than 60 communities in the municipality.

This was reported this Tuesday by the mayor of the Yaracuyan capital, Rogger Daza, who highlighted that with the support of the Aguas de Yaracuy hydrological company, technical studies were carried out in various parts of the municipality, in order to determine exact locations for drilling. .

He indicated that the five water wells will be located in La Tapias II, Andrés Eloy Blanco, Las Mercedes, La Paz Avenue and in the Triunfo Seguro sector, with which water will be supplied in its entirety to the urban area of ​​the city, including the populous Higuerón – Las Tapias sector, one of the largest in the jurisdiction.

“With this battery of new wells, the optimization of the drinking water supply in more than 60 communities in the city center will be guaranteed, which will be a great relief for our population,” Daza stressed.

Definitive solution to the water problem

The lack of water in San Felipe has been accentuated in recent times due to the lack of production of the superficial natural tributaries that supply the collection and distribution systems, as a result of the severe droughts and the aggravated deforestation of its headwaters.

The wells will constantly supply a large part of the city, since the underground rivers that run under the San Felipe valley always have water suitable for human consumption.

“It is an effective solution that we developed with President Nicolás Maduro and Governor Julio León, who approved the project and assigned the corresponding resources for its execution. Thanks to this plan we will definitively solve one of the main evils that afflict several of our communities: the lack of water,” stressed the municipal regent.

Drilling of the first well began

The first well that began to be drilled last week is that of Las Tapias 2, which will benefit the 2 inhabitants of this popular sector of the urban area of ​​San Felipe.

He explained that the drilling and equipping of this new deep well began thanks to the support of President Nicolás Maduro and the 1×10 System of Good Government, with approved resources exceeding $75.000.

The work on this and the rest of the wells will be carried out with the technical assistance of Aguas de Yaracuy and the direct supervision of the Ministry of Popular Power for Water Assistance (MinAguas).

Daza concluded by saying that, “with great hope we are going to progressively drill the remaining wells, because we finish this one and then we go to the second, third and fourth, until we reach the fifth that are already planned. It is a fact and soon the revolutionary Government will deliver them for the well-being of the people.”

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