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32 voting centers in Yaracuy ready for Sunday drill

480.797 Yaracuyans are called to participate in Sunday's electoral rehearsal

The National Electoral Council (CNE) will open 32 voting centers in the state of Yaracuy for the electoral rehearsal that will take place this Sunday, June 30, throughout the country, as a prelude to the presidential elections scheduled for July 28 of this year.

This was reported this Friday by the head of the Regional Electoral Office (ORE), Frank Molleja, who mentioned that there will be two voting centers enabled per municipality in Independencia, Cocorote, Sucre, Arístides Bastidas, Bruzual, Urachiche, Peña, Veroes, Trinidad, Páez and Bolívar; while three will open in Nirgua and Monge, and four in San Felipe.

In the case of the San Felipe municipality, a special point will be enabled at the República de Nicaragua Basic School, with virtual reality, where those attending the simulation will be able to learn the horseshoe and the automated voting system in a more technological way.

The deployment of the equipment and electoral material that will be used in Sunday's drill began this Friday in coordination with the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CEOFANB) in each authorized voting center.

The official explained that the purpose of such an event is to provide the opportunity for voters to become familiar with the voting system, the machines and everything related to the presidential election process on June 28.

He recalled that for election day, 514 electoral centers will be used, where there will be 759 voting tables to receive the 480.797 Yaracuyans who are called to vote and elect the president of Venezuela.

Preparations advance at a steady pace

On the other hand, Molleja indicated that in the CNE the preparations for the presidential elections are advancing as established in the corresponding electoral schedule.

“We are in the organization stage to guarantee that the technical and logistical deployment is carried out successfully, as it has always been done. All the organizations involved actively participate in the review of every detail so that nothing is overlooked and everything is thoroughly examined,” the electoral official stressed.

He pointed out that the institutions that make up the Expanded Logistics Committee, such as CNE, CEOFANB, CANTV, Ministry of Education, Movilnet, FEDE, Corpoelec and other service organizations, meet constantly to finalize the details.

Likewise, he highlighted that the training of the technicians and operatives who will participate in the 28J electoral event is being carried out successfully in the 14 municipalities, with the support of personnel from the electoral body.

23 information points will be activated

Regarding the Electoral Fair, Molleja pointed out that 23 points will be enabled in Yaracuy, which will be located next week in strategic public spaces, with a high influx of people, in the 14 municipalities of the jurisdiction.

The Fair will run until July 27 with the deployment of more than 40 agents and operators, who will guide voters in everything related to the voting process.

Finally, Molleja urged the community to verify their data and voting point on the CNE website so that when election day arrives they will not have problems asserting their right to vote.

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