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1×10 lists of the PSUV guarantee the victory of Nicolás Maduro in Yaracuy

In an anti-imperialist mega march held in Chivacoa, the leadership of the red party claimed to have a fully oiled electoral machinery

In a massive march against the blockade and international sanctions, held this Friday in Chivacoa, Bruzual municipality of Yaracuy, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) claimed to have a fully organized structure to achieve an overwhelming victory with Nicolás Maduro in the next elections presidential elections on July 28.

The state coordinator of the red party and governor of the entity, Julio León, mentioned that the great electoral machinery that the PSUV and the allied parties of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) have guarantee a high vote in favor of the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro.

He explained that the red machinery is made up of 514 Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCh), each made up of more than 20 political cadres who direct them in their respective jurisdictions.

In addition, he indicated that the PSUV has 1.085 structures in the communities and 9.387 street structures that will work in coordination to attract and mobilize voters.

“There is not a corner of the Yaracuy state where we do not have a strong organic structure of the party, which is not only there to win elections, but also works every day for the well-being of the people. A clear example of this are the Street Governments, in which the líder“It is one of those structures that present their projects and seek the collective well-being of their communities,” León noted.

Likewise, he affirmed that the Venezuelan people will not allow the opposition to take away what was achieved with the Bolivarian revolution. “Because of this puppet opposition and the sanctions it requested against the people, our country has lost 700 billion dollars, which we cannot continue allowing; That's why we're going with everything,” he stated.

One of the largest marches held in Yaracuy

For his part, the state coordinator of the PSUV in Bruzual and mayor of that jurisdiction, Carlos González, said that the high mobilization registered during the march is due to the great love that the people feel for President Nicolás Maduro.

“This is the largest march recorded in our municipality, in which the people took to the streets to demonstrate their unrestricted support for our líder Nicolás Maduro, who has given everything for his people and whom we are going to support on July 28 with a great victory that will make history in our country,” González stated.

The regional leadership of the PSUV and the GPP guaranteed the triumph of the Revolution on June 28

The entire GPP united

Meanwhile, the regional president of Podemos Yaracuy, Rodolfo Giménez, highlighted that the Great Patriotic Pole is overflowing throughout the state, with all the articulated machinery of all the parties that make it up, to guarantee the victory of Nicolás Maduro in the electoral process. of 28J.

“We can and the entire patriotic GPP is in the streets, in all the marches and rallies that we are doing in Yaracuy to contribute to the victory of the revolution on July 28, with our candidate, Chávez's son, Nicolás Maduro,” stressed the líder of the party vinotinto.

Likewise, the representative of the Patria Para Todos party (PPT) and deputy to the National Assembly (AN) for that organization, Gisela Tovar, expressed that the massive anti-imperialist marches carried out throughout the country are a faithful example of what the Venezuelan people feel and It is a preview of the victory on July 28.

“This Bruzual march in defense of the homeland is very important because it shows that the people take to the streets to defend the achievements achieved and support a president who has been able to successfully protect, with gallantry and aplomb, a country attacked by foreign interests. Come on Nico, let's go with everything,” Tovar pointed out.

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