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Comprehensive health day serves ten San Felipe communities

More than 800 people received specialized medical care in different areas of health.

More than 800 people from 10 San Felipeño communities, in the Yaracuy state, received specialized medical care this weekend in a special comprehensive day organized by the jurisdiction's mayor's office, with the support of the Yaracuy Health Corporation (Corposalud).

The mayor of San Felipe, Rogger Daza, reported this Saturday that the municipal government's mobile clinic and three Prosalud mobile clinics moved to the community of Cocorotico, in the Albarico parish, to provide medical assistance to its inhabitants.

Also, residents of the surrounding sectors, such as La Trilla, Poblado La Trilla and Menca de Leoni, came to the event to answer the different questions that were offered during the event.

Daza said that those attending the operation were treated by doctors from the mayor's office, Prosalud and the Cuban medical mission, who offered their services in areas such as general medicine, gynecology, dentistry, deworming, ultrasound and others.

“This is another day, led by President Nicolás Maduro and Governor Julio León, who, always attentive to the health of our people, support all actions that are carried out to guarantee the health of our communities,” said the local representative.

Direct articulation with the 1×10

On the other hand, the municipal regent mentioned that the San Felipe health days are directly linked to the requests for medical support made by the population to the 1×10 Good Government system, through Line 58 of the VenApp application.

“All requests made through VenApp arrive directly to the Miraflores situation room, in Caracas, from where they are directed to the competent authorities. In this sense, health cases reach the mayor's office and we incorporate them into the sessions so that they receive appropriate assistance immediately," said Daza.

He added that cases that require more complex specialized care are referred directly to the outpatient clinics or the central hospital of San Felipe, where patients are monitored and receive the indicated care.

Effective and timely services

Many of the people who attended the Cocorotico event agreed that these types of operations are of great help to the population, mainly for those who find it difficult to attend health centers and even more so to private medical consultations.

Juan Carlos Mendoza, a resident of Cocorotico, took his two small children to the pediatric clinic that was set up during the day, where they were checked and their good health was verified.

“It is good that these types of events are regularly held to attend to the health of our people, which is greatly appreciated, since it is not only about my children, but about an entire town that receives free and very high quality health services.” quality.”, Mendoza stressed.

Meanwhile, María Alejandra Carmona, who attended the event to have a mammogram with the mobile clinic's ultrasound equipment, commented that such an exam cost her approximately $40 in private clinics, which is why she had not been able to have it done.

“Thank goodness they brought this day to the community, so I could take this exam. Definitely, we have to defend these achievements and continue supporting our president to continue having these important services,” stated Carmona.

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