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They install 309 lights in the rural area of ​​San Felipe after VenApp reports

Eight communities benefited from the consolidation of public lighting in various sectors

The Mayor's Office of San Felipe in the Yaracuy state began the installation of 309 new lamps for public lighting in the rural axis of the Albarico parish of this jurisdiction, as reported this Wednesday by the mayor of the municipality, Rogger Daza.

The local leader said that the communities served with this supply of lamps for public lighting are Crucito, Caripial, Agua Linda, Kilómetro 21, Cube, Las Lajas, Guarapo and Guarapito, which needed lighting in several of their sectors. With the installation of the new luminaires, the entire area is fully consolidated.

Likewise, he indicated that the installation work of the lamps is carried out with the direct support of the National Electric Company (Corpoelec), the body with which all works related to that area are coordinated.

Daza commented that the assistance offered to the aforementioned communities responds to reports made by different neighbors and community councils to the 1×10 Good Government system through Line 58 of the VenApp application.

“This is a contribution that President Nicolás Maduro makes to meet the public lighting needs of the entire rural area of ​​Albarico and give the streets a better appearance and more security for its inhabitants,” he stressed.

Revolution Avenue fully illuminated

The municipal regent also mentioned that on Revolución Avenue, the most important road in the Albarico parish, 168 new 200 Watt LED lamps were installed to consolidate it and optimize all its lighting by 100%.

“We are seeing how the 1×10 of Good Government provides effective responses, in these cases, in a perfect alliance between the mayor's office and Corpoelec, in order to optimize public services and improve the quality of life for all,” he stated.

On the other hand, he announced that the communities of the Juan José de Maya urbanization and the Hugo Chávez Frías citadel also have problems with public lighting, so in the coming days, they will be addressed with new LED lamps.

In that sense, he highlighted that 380 new lights will be taken for the JJ Maya and a similar amount for the citadel, in order to definitively solve the problem in both sectors.

Finally, the mayor recalled that during 2023, almost 9 new lamps were installed, which consolidated, almost in its entirety, the municipality's public lighting system. The cases attended to this year were pending and with them the goal of having a 100% illuminated San Felipe is being reached.

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