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Street Governments register 2.082 projects delivered in Yaracuy

The government assistance methodology, which reached its 40th day, covers the 14 municipalities of the entity

The Street Government plan, which has been implemented in Yaracuy since January of this year, reached its 40th day this weekend and reached 2.082 projects approved in communities of the 14 municipalities of the state, the governor of the entity reported this Monday, Julio León.

The event took place in the Nirgua municipality, where 72 community projects were approved to meet needs in various areas: security (09), education (08), hydraulics (05), sports (03), electricity (2), social service ( 2), health (01) and transportation (01), to provide and equip the motorized force.

Likewise, 2.000 zinc sheets were delivered to 20 Nirgüeña communities to begin the “Mi Techo” program in this municipality and improve the conditions of the most deteriorated homes.

León highlighted that the revolutionary Government tours the 14 municipalities with this innovative methodology, which directly involves the communities in the design, administration and execution of their own projects.

The areas that are fundamentally addressed by the community proposals are water, electricity, public transportation, and rehabilitation of educational, health and sports infrastructures.

 “Each project presented is evaluated and approved quickly under the ABC methodology (high impact, low cost and short time) so that the communities themselves can execute them with the support of the mayors and the competent institutions of the revolutionary Government,” said the president. state.

Another area that is addressed during the sessions is housing, which is directly assisted with the My Housing Learn by Doing plan, a self-construction housing program that involves beneficiaries in the construction of their own houses.

Street Government guarantees social well-being

León mentioned that the main purpose of the Street Government sessions is to resolve the most priority needs of the communities to improve the living conditions of their inhabitants.

To achieve this, the neighbors themselves, in community assemblies, evaluate and prioritize their problems and, at the same time, design the corresponding solutions. The proposals are presented to the government authorities, who in the Street Governments deliver the respective resources.

Likewise, each day special health operations are carried out, in which, generally, more than a thousand people are treated in different specialties and examinations of all kinds, such as general medicine, dentistry, gynecology, deworming, immunization, nutrition , ultrasound.

In addition, the medications needed to attend the corresponding treatments are delivered free of charge.

To date, in the 40 Street Government days carried out in the 14 municipalities of the entity, more than 57 thousand people have been served, with quality, direct, timely and free medical care.

The regional leader indicated that health is a priority for the revolutionary government, and that is why teams from the Yaracuy Health Corporation (Corposalud) and participating mayors are present in each operation, serving the people.

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