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Street governments have approved 1.576 projects in Yaracuy

31 sessions have been held in the 14 municipalities, since January when this new social care methodology began to be implemented.

This weekend the 31st day of the Street Government plan was held in the state of Yaracuy, which consists of the direct approval of projects in the communities, achieving a attention figure of 1.576 proposals in the 14 municipalities of the entity , since the plan began in January.

This was confirmed by the governor of Yaracuy, Julio León, from the Plaza Bolívar in the Albarico parish, San Felipe municipality, where the third day held in the capital of Yaracuy took place. On this occasion, 78 projects presented by different sectors were approved to solve various community problems.

The state president said that the communities themselves prepare their projects, according to their needs, which they subsequently present to the mayors and governor's offices, for approval and delivery of resources in the corresponding Street Government sessions, which are held weekly in the state.

He highlighted that all the proposals are framed within a practical and effective work methodology, called ABC (high impact, low cost, short time). The plan consists of the execution of the works by the communities themselves, which optimizes resources to the maximum and generates a strong sense of belonging to what is executed.

“Let us remember that this is a methodology devised by President Nicolás Maduro so that the people are the ones who decide their priorities and we, the rulers, give them support, giving them the material resources for the execution of their proposals,” León said.

Comprehensive care

During the Street Government sessions, special health operations are carried out, in which attendees can be examined in different areas, with the support of specialist medical personnel from the Yaracuy Health Corporation (Corposalud), the participating mayors' offices and the Medical Mission. Cuban.

In this regard, he explained that on the Albarico day, 1.355 patients were treated, with this amount exceeding the 43.000 services provided in the 31 Street Governments carried out to date.

In addition to receiving assistance in pediatrics, dentistry, general medicine, traumatology, gynecology and other medical specialties, patients also receive free medications to complete their corresponding treatments.

“In each meeting the revolutionary Government delivers resources for community projects and brings health to our people, thanks to the great efforts that our president Nicolás Maduro makes despite the cruel sanctions that the Yankee empire imposes on all Venezuelans” said León.

Full integration of all levels of government

For his part, the mayor of San Felipe, Rogger Daza, highlighted that the most outstanding thing about the Street Governments is the integration that all the institutions of the revolutionary Government make to provide timely and effective responses to citizens.

The local ruler mentioned that during the three days held, San Felipe has more than 180 projects approved in the three parishes of the jurisdiction, with which it has been possible to solve problems that the people consider to be a priority in their corresponding assemblies in the communities.

He added that on this occasion 24 projects were directed in the housing area, 15 for the religious field, 06 in education, 05 electricity, 04 for public services, 03 social service, 03 health and 01 security, as well as in matters of roads, culture, sports and food.

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