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Communities in Yaracuy are fumigated to prevent the spread of diseases

Before the arrival of the rainy season, special days are applied in the communities to avoid dengue and other diseases

The arrival of the rains generally brings with it the reappearance of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as dengue, which is why the Government of Yaracuy began carrying out special fumigation and abatement days this week to prevent its possible spread.

The operations began in Bruzual, where it is estimated that 98 communities in the jurisdiction will be served with special operations during the course of this month.

In this regard, the mayor of Bruzual, Carlos González, reported this Thursday that the purpose of the conference is to prevent and reduce the appearance of mosquitoes, insects and disease-transmitting vermin.

The mayor's office began comprehensive fumigation days and special junk collection operations, starting in the southern area of ​​Chivacoa, and then continuing with the rest of the city and the Campo Elías parish.

In the Andrés Bello community, more than 600 families were served with a day of fumigation, abatement and collection of junk and solid waste that was carried out house by house.

“The purpose of these operations is to advance the campaign against dengue and urge the population to maintain effective hygiene in their homes to prevent traditional diseases transmitted by mosquitoes,” said the local president.

He highlighted that the sessions are accompanied by informative and awareness-raising talks aimed at awakening in residents the need to preserve their homes free of objects with stagnant water. By avoiding places that can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, their proliferation and, therefore, the spread of possible diseases is prevented.

“We are following direct instructions from the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, and Governor Julio León, in order to preserve the health of the people and guarantee due care,” González stressed.

Community support is essential

For his part, the general director of the Mayor's Office, Sirio Sequera, added that in addition to the Andrés Bello community, the sessions were held in the sectors of Lambrichini and Ezequiel Zamora, where residents collaborated directly with the corresponding actions.

“Everything is articulated between the mayor's office and the communities to prevent dengue and keep homes more comfortable and healthy for their inhabitants, said Sequera.

In this sense, the head of the Bolívar Chávez Battle Unit (UBCh), Zinedine Suárez, explained that his community enthusiastically joined the day to sanitize their homes and prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes and the dreaded dengue.

“In our community we are more than 1.500 people who joined the operation to prevent our homes from becoming sources of disease and so we can always stay healthy,” he said.

Suárez added that the community's participation is not limited to collecting candy and fumigating their homes, they are also organizing to stop the accumulation of objects in their yards, such as rubber, cans, bottles and others, which can become mosquito breeding grounds.

“It is about everyone's health, especially the little ones, and that is why we have to contribute to hygiene and order in each house to prevent dengue and other diseases from arising and spreading uncontrollably. “It is everyone's responsibility,” he stated.

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