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Viva Venezuela Festival began with activities in Zulia and Yaracuy

The event will take place all weekend simultaneously in Zulia, Falcón, Lara and Yaracuy

In Yaracuy and Zulia, the Viva Venezuela Festival began this July 5, activities that will extend throughout the weekend, simultaneously, also in the states of Lara and Falcón.

Yaracuy develops 85 cultural activities in its 14 municipalities.

The president of the Institute of Culture of the Yaracuy State and sole authority of Culture in the entity, Epifanio Ochoa, said that the entity has the participation of 1.040 popular artists and cultists and students from educational institutions in the state.

“Yaracuy dresses up to celebrate with the participation of various national and international groups, theater, poetry, native popular expressions, the exhibition of the only heritage cemetery that exists in Venezuela, located in the Independencia municipality, and other cultural manifestations that strengthen this festival” , he emphasized.

variety of activities

Ochoa commented that in each municipality there is a rich program that will take place until Sunday, and which directly involves the communities with their native expressions specific to each sector.

This Friday, different activities were carried out, among which the workshop on carving wooden figures stood out, which was led by the Golperos de Copa Redonda artistic unit, in the small square of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario church in Sabana de Parra, in the Páez municipality.

Likewise, at the Simón Rodríguez de Cocorote public library, the group Expresion Popular presented their production Los Locos de Santa María; and in the covered court of the Juan José de Maya urbanization in San Felipe, the Cambur Pintón collective presented the work Las Marionetas Cuentan.

For this Saturday and Sunday, there is also an extensive program that includes the presentation of the Kuara group on the Plaza Bolívar boulevard in Chivacoa, Bruzual; and the holding of a banana vine hat-making workshop, led by the Los Descendientes de Palmarejo collective, in the Plaza Bolívar de Farriar, Veroes municipality.

Also, at the Campo Nuevo Integrated Arts School, in Guama, Sucre municipalities, a talk will be held on the importance of poetry: and in the Franklin Sánchez de Independencia square, a workshop on maraca making will be held, with the unit artistic Creating Future.

Ochoa said that since the beginning of this first festival, last May, in Caracas, different meetings and activities have been held in various states of the country, and now it is up to Yaracuy, together with Lara, Zulia and Falcón, to give continuity to this cultural initiative.

In Zulia, the festival took place in the Ana María Campos Park

From 5 in the afternoon, the Ana María Campos Monumental Park welcomes artists, artisans, cultists and the general public, who raise the curtain on the Viva Venezuela World Festival in Maracaibo.

The activity joins the festivities that incorporate music, crafts and lots of entertainment.

The park will receive presentations by the Wayúu arts collective Nounchuyuu Juya, the Corazón Abierto ensemble, the Golperos of Santa María de Yaracuy and the presentation of the international Colombian artist, Abel Rodriguez.

The cultural festival is served and will continue for the enjoyment of Maracaiberos until July 8.

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