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They deliver supplies to 171 Yaracuy schools

The Minister of Education indicated that the provision impacts more than 76.500 students in the 14 municipalities of the entity

The Minister of Education, Yelitze Santaella, visited the Yaracuy state to deliver supplies to 171 schools in the 14 municipalities of the entity, as announced this Thursday by the Government through a press release.

The activity took place at the Ana Eliza López Educational Unit of the Independencia municipality, where the Minister, accompanied by the state governor, Julio León, and students, teaching staff and regional educational authorities, made the corresponding delivery to the directors of the school campuses. .

Santaella pointed out that the contribution is part of the attention that President Nicolás Maduro provides through the instrument of 1X10 of Good Government to all the needs of the population, especially those related to the educational sector.

He commented that this first provision includes tables, chairs, kitchens, dining room utensils, chairs, desks, counters, blackboards, air conditioners, water storage tanks, computer equipment, sports kits, office materials, cleaning and toilet kits.

Likewise, he explained that the contribution will directly benefit more than 76.500 students of different levels, who will have adequate and fully equipped spaces to guarantee them an excellent education.

“We are going around the country sharing in each educational space with students and teachers, who have great historical responsibilities and a Homeland project thanks to Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez, which our President Nicolás Maduro continues today,” said the head of Education.

The Minister pointed out that thanks to the revolutionary process it is possible to develop an effective training process in all classrooms thanks to the effort, sacrifice and courage of the entire educational community, "to whom I express my recognition as heroes and heroines who continue to develop the beautiful mission to form, after important struggles to be made visible.”

During the meeting, Santaella highlighted that with the 1X10 of Good Government in Yaracuy, 1.016 cases have been attended to, which represents 73.39% response effectiveness in solutions, in various areas of education. “We are seeing the lights on the path we are taking towards the prosperity of the country,” she said.

Perfect integration with town projects

For his part, Governor Julio León expressed that he was pleased to be surrounded by students and teachers, whose energy and essence is reflected day by day in the construction of the future of the Homeland.

“In Yaracuy there is the perfect integration of all levels of government and Popular Power, through the Bricomiles, which advance in the rehabilitation of schools. That is why in each institution attended to and rehabilitated there is the spirit of Bolívar, Chávez and the heart of President Maduro,” highlighted the regional president.

León deepened that thanks to the historical genetics of the Venezuelan people, the impossible has become possible, with effort and work to do a lot with little for education, youth and the Yaracuyan people.

In that sense, he commented that through another important methodology, such as the Street Government, the educational area registers 254 projects carried out by students, teachers, workers, administrators and líderIt is from the communities in the 14 municipalities.

“We are in a process of unstoppable development in the country that is led by the líder Nicolás Maduro, where the Yaracuyan people show their greatness with each achievement achieved,” León stated.

Meanwhile, the director of the Ana Elisa López campus, Gliska López, stated that she is living a reality, managing to visualize an adequate and harmonized space to provide optimal education for those who live at the institution.

“Despite the blockade and the difficulties, our President Nicolás Maduro has education in the first places of attention, with important endowments and promoting the Bricomiles for the future of the Homeland,” López asserted.

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