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They deliver 500 wooden kits for the recovery of tables and chairs in Yaracuy

The kits were delivered to nine schools in the municipalities of San Felipe and Peña

Nine schools in the San Felipe and Peña municipalities of the Yaracuy state received 500 wooden kits to recover the same number of tables and chairs in their institutions, as confirmed this Monday by the state manager of the National Institute of Socialist Training and Education (Inces), Dalvi Torrealba.

The official indicated that the contribution was made jointly with the Ministry of Ecosocialism (Minec), the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Tricolor (GMBNT) and the Center for the Development of Educational Quality (Cdcey), entities that contributed with the wood and other necessary materials. to recover school furniture.

He highlighted that the benefited schools in San Felipe are the EB Samuel Robinson Basic School (EB) with 48 kits; EB Orasil Hernández with 40; and the EB Guarataro with 35 kits; of the San Felipe municipality.

In Peña, the Technical School (ET) Carlos José Mújica (75 kits), EB María Clementina Bonilla (39), EB Cañaveral (100), Centro Educativo (CE) Yocasta de Calistri (50), EB José Vicente Peña ( 40) and the EIB Isaías Antonio Blanco (17).

They are schools that were prioritized due to the high need present in their school furniture. However, applications will continue to be received through the Good Government 1×10 system to serve the rest of the schools and high schools that also require proper support.

Support of the 1×10 system of Good Government

The Inces regional manager explained that the delivery of the wooden kits for the repair of table chairs in the aforementioned institutions is due to several requests that the respective school communities made to the 1×10 Good Government system through Line 58 of the VenApp application.

Torrealba pointed out that Inces assists and trains the educational communities of each institution in everything related to the rescue and maintenance of tables, chairs and desks in the execution of the corresponding rehabilitation works and in their subsequent conservation.

“With this new delivery, some 500 students from the aforementioned educational institutions benefit, who will now be able to more comfortably receive the pedagogical training given in their classrooms. Greater comfort is equivalent to better concentration and, therefore, more academic performance,” the official stressed.

Likewise, he highlighted that the institutions involved are attentive and fully willing to continue contributing to the rescue of school furniture in all the schools that need it. “All reports made by the VenApp will be received to attend to them in a timely manner,” he stated.

For his part, the director in charge of EB Samuel Robinsón, Leonardo Camacho, expressed that thanks to the endowment received, 48 tables and chairs will be repaired, to distribute them among the nine classrooms of the institution.

“This is a great support, since we have several tables and chairs that require a little love. Luckily, with the materials received we will be able to rescue 48 immediately and incorporate them into our classrooms so that our boys can watch classes with total comfort,” Camacho highlighted.

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