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They activate a roof replacement plan for vulnerable families

The program plans to serve the most needy families with the installation of zinc sheets in the most deteriorated homes

The Yaracuy state government launched a new social care program, aimed at serving families with limited economic resources who need to replace the roofs of their homes, which is called Mi Techo.

This was reported by the governor of the entity, Julio León, at the Street Government day, held this Tuesday in the town of Aroa, Bolívar municipality.

The state president explained that the plan begins with the approval of 2.500 sheets to replace the deteriorated roofing of homes in the first 25 communities that have been prioritized. Next, attention will be expanded with the acquisition of more sheets to assist more sectors throughout the state.

He highlighted that the houses that will be attended to are previously reviewed by the popular power, through the social structure installed in each sector with the heads of streets, heads of communities and Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCh).

The approved homes will receive the corresponding sheets at the Street Government sessions held in their respective municipalities.

“We will start this initiative created by President Nicolás Maduro in the Bolívar municipality in the first stage, to improve the roofs of the houses of families with the greatest needs. For each selected community, approximately 10 families will be prioritized for the delivery of the necessary material,” León mentioned.

In this municipality, in addition to the launch of the new plan, the My Home Learn by Doing program was activated in the Victoria de Bolívar community, where new homes will be built with the self-construction methodology.

“We activated the fifth front of construction of new houses, but also a front for the completion of isolated homes, two concepts that we are managing through this initiative that has the great support of President Nicolás Maduro to go every month consolidating homes and ensuring the well-being of families.

Resources, materials and equipment were also provided to develop 35 more projects in this municipality, which reach 131 solutions approved in Street Governments to serve 15.375 families in prioritized areas, such as water, public services and rehabilitation of educational infrastructures and of health.

52 projects approved in Manuel Monge

After the Bolívar municipality, the governor and his executive train moved to the Manuel Monge municipality, where resources were delivered to execute 52 projects and activate a new construction front for My Home Learning by Doing.

The state president took advantage of the occasion to take stock of what has been going on in the three cycles of the Street Governments held so far since their beginning in January of this year.

He highlighted that 1.868 projects have been approved, with an effective level of execution, which prioritize assistance proposals in areas such as education, with 368 schools served, 287 actions to improve the electricity service and 199 for the water sector. Also included are 181 answers for health and more than 180 to promote sports.

León specified that more than 54.000 Yaracuyans have also been treated in the comprehensive medical sessions that accompany each day.

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