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87,52% of VenApp reports effectively attended to in San Felipe

13 thousand requests have been resolved thanks to the 1x10 Good Government system

The 1×10 Good Government system has attended to and resolved 13 of the 14.853 requests made in the Yaracuyan capital, San Felipe, which represents 87,52% response effectiveness.

This was reported this Tuesday by the mayor of the jurisdiction, Rogger Daza, from the municipal command post of the 1×10 Good Government system.

He specified that the cases attended to include individual requests related to medications, technical aids, glasses, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, orthopedic strollers, anti-decubitus mattresses and glucometers.

Collective reports, referring to the solution of public service problems that affect communities, are also attended to in a timely and effective manner, such as the collapse of sewers, improvements in the supply of drinking water, electrical connections, public lighting, recovery of educational infrastructure, health and sports, among others.

Work and works of social interest are attended to with the direct participation of the mayor's office, organizations involved and the popular power itself, through its different action units.

The municipal president highlighted the usefulness and impact of the tool with great demand in the most vulnerable population.

“It is an instrument that people feel is very accessible and close, in addition to being quite inclusive, since it does not discriminate against any citizen,” Daza stressed.

Articulation of the entire revolutionary Government

The municipal regent explained that all reports made by citizens through VenApp reach the municipal command, where they are received and classified according to the area of ​​attention they require, to immediately assign the corresponding tasks to the competent institutions.

“All the organizations of the revolutionary Government are attentive and ready to solve all the requests that the people make to the 1×10 system of Good Government,” said the mayor.

Finally, he invited all communities to continue using the VenApp application effectively to find solutions to the different needs they face in their sectors.

“The revolutionary Government continues to resolve all the needs of the people and continues to advance in the construction of the country that we all want,” he stated.

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