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82% of Venapp cases resolved in the Bruzul municipality of Yaracuy

In total, the jurisdiction registers 3.811 requests this year through the 1x10 tool

The Bruzual municipality of the Yaracuy state, this year, records 3.811 reports made to the Good Government 1×10 system, through Line 58 of the VenApp application, of which 3.174 have been attended to in a timely and satisfactory manner.

This was reported this Thursday by the mayor of the jurisdiction, Carlos González, after explaining the statistics, which, to date, have registered 82% of cases resolved through the application. The plan is to reach 90% before the end of July.

The complaints and news reported by the communities in Bruzual are linked in more than 50% to medical and health care.

“An effective communication channel has been opened that provides immediate solutions to the needs of our people. It is, definitely, a direct bridge between the communities and their revolutionary Government,” he stressed.

Community service issues resolved thanks to VenApp reports

Effective health care thanks to VenApp

González mentioned that, last weekend, more than 250 patients were treated in special sessions of the National Surgical Plan and the Pueblo Sano state foundation, held at the Tiburcio Garrido hospital in Chivacoa. The people operated on were from the municipalities of Bruzual, Nirgua, Páez Sucre, Bastidas, Independencia and San Felipe.

“People with health problems can go to popular clinics and outpatient clinics to access the corresponding services. Also, they can report their situation through the application and in less time than expected they will have the proper response and assistance,” stated the municipal regent.

González explained that during the surgical sessions, patients with various pathologies were treated: vesicles, hernias, lipomas, among other health conditions.

Municipal surgical plan

For his part, the director of the comprehensive community health area of ​​the Bruzual municipality, José Castillo, announced that, given that the Tiburcio Garrido hospital is in optimal conditions and has the necessary equipment to carry out surgical interventions of medium complexity, it is thought develop a municipal surgical plan.

In this regard, he indicated that the implementation of a care program is being coordinated with the mayor's office, with which they will visit all the Bruzual communities to recruit patients.

“The goal is to settle the social debt that exists with the population in terms of the required operations. Thanks to the Surgical Plan sessions and the regional government, that debt has decreased substantially, but we must continue to advance until everyone has been appropriately attended to,” concluded Castillo.

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