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8.214 high school graduates evaluate study opportunities in Yaracuy

The Study Opportunities Expoferia advances successfully with daily sessions in Yaracuy

For mid-July of this year, the graduation of 8.214 new high school graduates is expected in Yaracuy, who will graduate from 194 educational institutions in the 14 municipalities of the entity, as confirmed this Thursday by the general secretary of the Government of Yaracuy, Juan Torrealba.

The official explained that young people will have the opportunity to pursue university studies in their own municipalities, thanks to the options that the Venezuelan State offers through the 14 universities operating in the region.

In this sense, he highlighted that the Study Opportunities Expofair 2024 is currently taking place, which visits the high schools of all municipalities daily to present to future high school graduates the options they have to begin their professional training.

He mentioned that in total, throughout the state, about 120 university courses are offered in different academic areas, to meet the needs of young people who graduate this year.

“The revolutionary Government guarantees our young people the continuation of their studies at all levels, so that they can be trained in the areas of their preference and advance in their professional and personal development and in the construction of the country,” said Torrealba.

Massive participation

At the Tribu Jirajara high school in Chivacoa, Bruzual municipality, this Thursday, there was a massive participation of students, who attended the activity to learn about the different higher education options they have in their jurisdiction.

The municipal director of the Center for the Development of Educational Quality, Lube Monterrey, explained that the Expoferia has been successfully developed throughout the state, especially in Bruzual, where 894 students from 17 general schools have been served, in the two parishes. Township.

He highlighted that among the institutions with academic offerings in Bruzual, the Territorial Polytechnic University of Yaracuy Arístides Bastidas, the University of Health Sciences, the National Experimental University of Teaching (UNEM), Misión Sucre, the Great Mission Venezuela Woman with Edúcate Mujer and the Great Youth Mission of Venezuela, which develop various professional training plans.

Total integration of the People – Government

For his part, the mayor of Bruzual, Carlos González, highlighted that the combination of efforts from all levels of Government has allowed education to be addressed in a comprehensive and effective manner for the good of the people.

He pointed out that the municipal university academic offering, the attention that the different government agencies provide to high schools and educational institutions in general and the popular participation in defense of the achievements achieved in the revolution, today allow studying and advancing without problems in Venezuela.

“The floating population ended in Venezuela, that only happened in the Fourth Republic, when millions of compatriots were left without studying because there was no space in the universities. Today we have a very different reality, in which our young people have priority and that is why they are guaranteed the right to continue training for their future and for the country,” González stated.

He noted that the achievements in education are due to the efforts applied, at the time by Commander Hugo Chávez and currently by President Nicolás Maduro, to guarantee free, quality education for all. “And we cannot lose that. Therefore, we must defend with everything that has cost us so much to achieve,” he concluded.

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