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I bring you three plants that can be grown in small spaces and their harvest is short cycle.

They are easy to care for. The first of them is chili. It is one of the main items that Venezuelans use to cook.

Its use includes: soups, stews, even salads. Growing it is extremely easy, you only need a 25 centimeters in diameter by 15 centimeters high. Black soil and rotten sticks are added and the seeds are placed. Its harvest cycle is three months. Chives.

As with chili, this plant cannot be missing from the meals we consume daily since it gives them an exquisite flavor. To plant it, you can use liter and a half or two liter soft drink containers; They are cut in half and filled with crushed dry leaves and black soil.

Its harvest time is approximately eight weeks from sowing. Tomatoes. Containers measuring 20 centimeters in diameter by 15 centimeters in height are used. Black soil is added along with rotten sticks and mixed until a good substrate is obtained. Its harvest cycle is three months.

Why are containers used? This allows their mobility since they could be moved to other places in the apartments comfortably. It is easy to grow and harvest in the comfort of your home.

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