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What to plant in June

We are almost in the month of June and in some parts of Venezuela the rains are just beginning.

This natural phenomenon has surprised, since it is extremely strange that on this date it is raining (and hard), since in previous years the same thing did not happen. This has been taken advantage of by farmers to plant corn.

However, the month of June can also be beneficial for the cultivation of other short or long cycle crops that are not so complicated when caring for them. For example, cabbage.

This vegetable reproduces by seeds and can be planted in pots with the previously prepared substrate.

A hole with a diameter of eight centimeters is opened and a maximum of two seeds are placed.

It is constantly watered. There is also parsley. It is a widely used condiment and to which, in addition to the flavor it provides to dishes, beneficial health properties are attributed. It reproduces by seeds.

This crop resists any type of climate. Before planting, the seed should be soaked for at least 24 hours.

Parsley needs frequent watering, but in small quantities, to ensure constant humidity. All of these crops are easy to grow and do not need much space, so they can be kept in the house or apartment.

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