Sister crops

The association of crops is nothing more than planting vegetables, medicinal plants, fruit trees, etc., in a specific place with the intention of having a beneficial relationship between them.

Carrying out this practice provides benefits to plants, such as pest control, pollination, absorption and uptake of nutrients, among other elements that help optimize crop production. I will share various examples of crop associations so that, from the comfort of your home, you can do it.

Basil can be planted next to tomatoes or paprika as it is very effective in preventing aphids and whiteflies and is a natural fungicide. Another example of associating vegetables is the cultivation of onions near carrots, since the former repel the carrot fly, which in many cases is disastrous.

I also recommend associating floral or aromatic plants (such as the flower of the dead) with the cultivation of vegetables since these keep pests away. They work as natural repellents.

It should be noted that the needs of each type of crop are diverse and contribute to each other, so taking advantage of these differences through the association of crops can serve to reduce the spread of pests and diseases in plantations.

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