pig feed

The success of pig breeding is based on adequate nutrition for each stage of their development. Feeding constitutes 70% to be taken into account to achieve a robust pig at term with good meat and adequate fat level.

To do this, converting 2,7 or 3,2 kilos of food to obtain one kilo of meat into pork feet may require supplementing with products such as: sweet cassava cut into pieces and prepared with yogurt in dairy farms or cow's milk whey, grass bermudagrass with mouse bush, sweet potato foliage plus molasses, or coffee honey or corn honey in the form of silage, hatchery leaves, arnica leaves, ramie leaves, sacharina or processed sugar cane, dried and processed bora, as well as well as fish waste only in the first stage of development to prevent the meat from acquiring its odor.

The ideal would be to know what the pig needs at each stage, whether in energy, protein, fats or lipids, minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids in a well-proportioned manner.

A piglet with forced weaning at 15 or 21 days differs in the initial porridge, a pregnant or recovering sow must have different diets. We are going to implement new alternatives for feeding pigs, it is the best option for our animals to eat well and provide quality meat.

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