If you can't adopt, take care of a community furry

There are companion animals that, although they do not have a house or a family, are still part of a community, and are fed and cared for by caring people who travel or live in that space. This is the case of two dogs that live together in the Valles del Tuy railway system.

These "railway angels", named for affection, have won the hearts and respect of users who use public transport, and many of them are waiting to provide them with water, food and love.

This was announced by an Andrés Eduardo Herrera, a user of the system and a faithful lover of animals. In one of the Nevado groups, she shared a photo of the hairy girls and posted:

“The most beautiful of the railway system was reported, our railway angels are very well. Let's give them water and something to eat, since they are the ones who protect the facilities of the railway system day and night ”he wrote.

That is why we always reiterate that it is not necessary to have much to collaborate with any community or homeless furry. With small actions that are constant and selfless, you can change the day of any vulnerable being that deserves it.

"The railway angels" are a visible part of the fact that there are people making a difference, daily. It doesn't matter if you can't adopt a pet at this time. Go ahead and help any community dog ​​that deserves it. Share this good news on your social networks and inspire others to put into practice one of the best values ​​of the human being: solidarity.

And for those who are responsible and interested in enlarging the family with a kitten or puppy, we leave this week's adoptions below:


This puppy is 4 years old, it is docile in character, it is delivered neutered. Your adopter must give you vaccinations. He gets along well with adults. He is in Caracas waiting for a home. Contact 04123003593


This girl who still has no name, is looking for a family, she is 11 months old and is a poodle with golden breed. To learn more about this cuteness call 0414-3700285 Mrs. Génesis

Adult puppy

This dog urges him to get a home, because he is threatened by neighbors who live in the building where he roams. He is approximately 4 years old. It is located in the Las Casitas de la Vega sector. For its early adoption call 04242821369 Maura


This beautiful Golden is located in Carrizal, edo. Miranda. They need a spacious home where they can run and play, as their breed is restless and introverted. Adopt it by number 0412 688 8639

This mixed cat, is two years old, she is a community dog ​​who wants to get a good family. She is sterilized and currently lives in San Antonio, La Minas. To receive it, contact: 0414 484 4845


To be candidates for adoption, they must take into account that:
* They have one month and 3 weeks.
* They eat puppy dog ​​food.
* They must start their vaccination cycle as soon as possible, each vaccination has a cost of around $ 30, there are 3 the first year.
* They are delivered with a commitment to sterilization, without exceptions.
* Only for Caracas, since monitoring outside our perimeter is impossible.
* Puppies are in the process of learning, they in this process chew things, play, learn to relieve themselves where they should.
* They are not delivered to live in: workshops, shelves / plates, patios without access to the home, land, farms, without any exception.
If you think you meet these requirements and want to provide a space in your heart and home, contact: 0414.377.06.86!

Rui (male), #Fabrizio (male), #Sienna (female), #Filipe (male)


These two male kittens are in Los Teques and one in Guarenas, waiting for a responsible and loving family. They are already neutered. If you meet these minimum requirements, call: 0412 564 2555

Siamese kitten

This precious cat is Guarenas, waiting for a home.


This beautiful pussycat of almost 2 months is given up for adoption, affectionate, not sterilized or vaccinated, it is delivered in Caracas. Contact number 04149212507