Russia registers first vaccine against covid-19 for animals

The deputy director of the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service (Rosseljoznadzor) of Russia, Konstantín Sávenkov, confirmed the Carnivak-Cov registry, the first coronavirus vaccine intended for animals, with an immunization of at least 6 months, prepared by the Federal Center for Animal health.

The specialist specified that the tests in cats, dogs, foxes and other species were 100% effective. This vaccine should be administered in two doses 21 days apart. "The results of the studies allow us to conclude that the vaccine is safe and creates immunity" since "one hundred percent of the vaccinated animals generated antibodies against the coronavirus."

Sávenkov revealed that all "of the vaccinated animals generated antibodies against the coronavirus", so it is expected that mass production will begin this April, given the interest in the product by a company from the United States, Canada, Austria , Singapore, Greece and Poland.

He then explained that his clinical trials began last October, and they used dogs, cats, minks, and common and arctic foxes, among other animals.


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