They rescue a puppy that had fallen into a ravine in Los Salias

After several hours of searching, a dog was rescued safe and sound by members of the Miranda Fire Department in conjunction with Los Salias Civil Protection officials.

The rescue took place in the El Retiro Urbanization in San Antonio de Los Altos, Miranda state, after being reported by its owners that it had been lost last Monday at night.

According to the security personnel of the Urbanization, the owners of the animal reported the loss at approximately 8:00 pm, so a tour was made around the vicinity, with Tommy's barking being heard at the bottom of a ravine in an area known as El Mirador, within urban planning.

“Due to the situation, the Los Salias Civil Protection officials were notified, who went to the place and tried to access the wooded area, but due to the darkness and the difficulty of the area they gave up the search, leaving it for Tuesday at first hour, "said a spokesman for the internal security of urban planning.

On Tuesday, the Civil Protection Commission received the support of officials from the Miranda Firefighters who carried out the rescue maneuvers, finding Tommy's whereabouts at the bottom of the ravine.

The animal was located without injuries, but with a medium degree of dehydration, as it had been missing for more than 12 hours.

For his removal from the place it was necessary to tie him to the back of one of the troops, who after a rope maneuver was returned to his family.


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