They rescue an ounce puppy in Barcelona


From the direction of the Minec Anzoátegui, they reported that this Monday, January 18, an ounce cub (Herpailurus yagouaroundi or Puma yagouaroundi) was rescued in the city of Barcelona, ​​Bolívar municipality.

The regional director of the governing body for the environment, Katiuska Homsi, reported that the operation to recover the feline was carried out with the support of the officials of the GNB State Coordination of Environmental Nursery and "was organized after receiving a complaint through the networks institution's social issues ”.

In social networks they specified that "the specimen has an approximate weight of 900 grams, has a length of 40 centimeters - from the tip of the nose to the tail - and is in perfect health".

The official indicated that Josué Lorca, the Vice Minister of Environmental Management and president of the National Institute of Parks (Inparques), is negotiating the transfer of the puppy to the central level where the Feline Rehabilitation Program operates.

The people who had the ounce declared that they found it when they were passing through Troncal 9, after the mother was run over.

"They hoped to raise the feline to return it to its natural habitat, so we take the opportunity to inform the population that when a similar case happens, they will take the specimen to the nearest Minec headquarters," they highlighted in the statement.