Do cats and dogs really watch television?

Experts tell us what our pets really see

What do cats and dogs see when they watch television? It is a question for many people who have company animals at home and observe that at some point their pet is absorbed in watching the television screen, as if it were another spectator.

In an article published by the medium El Español, specialists clear up doubts about what our pets can observe when facing the television. In addition, they compare the sense of perception of the dog with that of the cat. The colors and shades that they can observe, among other curiosities.

What do dogs see?

In the first place, it would be important to answer the following question: what do dogs see? With regard to this, it must be taken into account that dogs have dichromatic vision. This means that they only use two primary colors to view different colors: yellow and blue. This is already quite different from humans in that we use three colors that are mixed with each other to obtain the entire color gamut (red, blue and green).

On the other hand, you also have to know that dogs detect movement with a different frequency than we humans do. The following happens: human eyes create the illusion of movement when they contemplate between 15 and 20 images per second, consequently, 24 images per second (fps) are broadcast on television; However, dogs would need at least 70 images per second to perceive that same movement. 

What do cats see?

With regard to cats, experts say they are less interested in television than dogs. In fact, they consider that they only notice it if they perceive prey on the screen. Therefore, it may happen that if a cat sees, for example, a bird on television, his reaction is to jump on it.

Regarding their vision, it could be said that cats see better at night than during the day. And like dogs, cats don't see in black and white either. We explain again that humans have 3 different types of cones that capture red, green and blue light; cats only have cones that capture green and blue light. 

What do animals see on television?

Ultimately we have to know that our pets certainly do not see what we see. That is, they do not perceive the images on television in the same way that we do. Above all, because television emits static frames that go at a speed of 24, 50 or 60 images per second. Your vision is completely different and your eyes / brain have no capacity to receive and interpret these images.