They carried out a sterilization session for animals in Aragua

The Aragua State Government in conjunction with the Nevado Mission, carried out a day of attention to community and companion animals in the Samán de Güere parish of the Santiago Mariño municipality, on the occasion of the International Day of Animal Sterilization.

During the activity, free vaccination, deworming, nail trimming, ear cleaning services were provided, in addition to the delivery of treatments and application of chemotherapy, said Francisco Mijares, regional coordinator of the Nevado Mission, according to a press release.

"On this day we treated 17 dogs and 6 cats, and so far in 2021 we have carried out more than 22 comprehensive approaches with the mobile unit, thanks to the support of the entity's governor, Rodolfo Marco Torres, which has allowed us hold the conference in different municipalities of the entity ", he detailed.

On the other hand, Mijares commented that in the framework of the public consultation, regarding the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples that is held at the national level, the Nevado Mission participates in the animal chapter, in order to raise proposals aimed at animal protection.