What to do with your pet if you are absent due to covid-19?

In the framework of the increase in cases of infections and deaths caused by the second wave of the pandemic due to covid-19, the Kikiriwau Foundation offers a series of data and recommendations to program the fate of our pets if an emergency situation occurs, so that our little furry ones are under the care of someone while their human parents recover from the disease

First: Prevention. The good use of the mask and the constant washing of hands, make a vital routine to reduce the chances of contagion, also avoid crowds and have disinfection protocols when entering the house. Aha, but if despite everything, contagion occurs, what do we do with our animals?

The best thing is to put together a contingency plan, which hopefully is not necessary, but it is always good to prevent and have a strategic plan. Who can take charge of them? This would be feeding them, taking them for walks or changing their litter box (if it is a cat), keeping their water bowls clean and full. That's why looking for options is important. We have had too many cases in which the furry are neglected to the point of becoming ill or more seriously, they are lost.

So the first question is who could take care of them or tend them? Some options: A neighbor, a friend, a partner, relatives. That list with phone numbers and possible locations. But above all, ask if you have the time and willingness to take charge if something happens.

Second: What would this person need to care for them or what should they know? Make a list: what does it eat, schedules or routines, medications (if the animal is in a treatment) and consider any details that are important.

Third: Can that delegated person pay for these food expenses and do you pay them later or should you have an item for contingency cases? That is something very important to consider because it is useless if the list contains 6 people and none, can, has, wants or worse, they had no idea that they were selected by you to be part of the select list of your trust, to take care of your dogs or kittens. That is why you must inform them and square with these people the ways and strategies to replace you -if it is the case.

Perfect so far, but how long can that person take care of them? Well, when you make this list, ask, because those lapses are important, between recovery or the days when you will not be able to attend them. The times are relative, it could be 3 weeks, as it can be 3 months. Everything will depend on the recovery of the patient.

The worst case scenario

What if the worst happened? And if you are simply no longer there to take care of them, what will happen to them? Although it is the hardest part, it is one of the most important and because of the love you have for your pets

Because our pets suffer the most, this season has also been very hard for them, their routines have been modified due to confinement

the relatives no longer love these furry ones and in the vast majority of cases, they try to get rid of them in the midst of their pain and anguish. 

Please, evaluate options, we never want it to happen, but what if it happens? ... don't underestimate that possibility. Who can take care of them, love them and have them, who wants to take care of them, who would be willing to give them a home, if you couldn't? This list is perhaps the hardest you have under your pillow and that you will never want to use or be used.

But, don't leave anything to chance. It is already complicated, days in which to place animals whose owners from one day to another were intubated and we no longer knew more than goodbye. Please, make your contingency plan, it would alleviate anguish for you and your family members. 

As a final tip, we leave you a format, so you can write down those runtines, portions, snacks and habits.

So that a relative or close friend, comply with all the routines and that you can support with your furry ones. Only if you, temporarily or permanently could not be, then the "list" would be used.

Take care, don't let your guard down. This pandemic is wiping out everything in its path, get out of its way and stay home while you can. Here we leave you a template that can help you organize your strategy, hopefully, it is not necessary to use them. Take care of the covid, be cautious and put the mask