Plaza de Toros Maracaibo, from torture to animal defense

Bolivarian Mayor's Office of Maracaibo promulgated a decree to eliminate this cruel practice

The Maracaibo Bullring changed its history of torture and cruelty to become a space in which animal protection and equine therapy are promoted for people with motor and behavioral difficulties. This was announced by the general director of Social Development of the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of Maracaibo, Selena Estrach during her speech on the program "Nevado en Radio", hosted by the president of Misión Nevado, Maigualida Vargas.

“The first decree that we made as Mayor's Office when we arrived was to prohibit bullfighting in our city. After having been a space for animal torture, it will make a space to highlight the most beautiful of animals. We will install our animal protection office there to give a different attention, raising another vision of the city around animals ”, putualized the one who also serves as the first combatant of the Maracaibo municipality.

She recalled that bullfighting is a tradition of the Spanish conquerors, which like many other practices has been naturalized as an autochthonous tradition in various regions of the country. "The bullfights are part of the negative practices that the Spanish bequeathed to us, because it promotes the culture of violence." she claimed

To change this vision of exploitation towards a defenseless being, Estrach clarified that the government is carrying out protection and defense initiatives. Such is the case of the rescue of the donkeys that are harassed by the donkeys, by placing exorbitant loads to be transported by the animal. “We made an ordinance around this situation and the person who does not comply with it seizes the donkey to take care of them, and give them up for adoption for productive spaces in which they are treated with dignity, or also to be part of the equine therapy program, which I commented previously ”.

The official closed her speech with a phrase that motivates us to continue advancing in all the pro-animalistic actions that have been raised in Maracaibo; "A society can be defined according to how it treats its animals," she reflected. “We are going towards that society of love, of justice, that values ​​all forms of life, because they are essential and necessary. The planet is a perfect system. As we attack our habitat for believing ourselves unique and omnipotent, what we do is put ourselves at risk. We are in danger of becoming extinct if we maintain that attitude ”, she concluded.