Peggy: a deaf dog who responds to signs

The hairy one works in a scarf in Norflk, in the United Kingdom.

dog named Peggy lost her hearing, prompting her to learn new communication methods to start a new life and work part-time working on a farm in Norfolk, UK, with owners who trained her despite the condition .

The story of this furry girl begins when the farmer who cared for her became deaf when he decided to leave her in charge of the charity that fights animal cruelty, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, since Peggy would not be useful for the work of shepherding that he carried out with his former owner.

That was not her final destination, since the organization did not stay with the furry one, because Chloe Shorten, as the head of the charity for animals decides to adopt her to start a training that was adapted to her, with the benefit of her cattle husband.

Shorten explained that the training was a long process in which the couple taught Peggy to herd by making hand gestures. Since having this furry dog ​​with hearing problems, the dog could not be educated by issuing the voice instructions that other dogs are capable of following.

“Peggy wanted to work, so we started a long process of teaching her to shepherd and work alongside a pastor without her having to rely on voice commands,” she said.

He stressed that Peggy's age was not an impediment because with patience and strategies they managed to train her “we started teaching her to get used to looking at our hands. Once he fixed his eyes on our palms, we made signals and used positive and repetitive reinforcement based on physical gestures instead of words ”. In this way, Peggy came to understand hand gestures and body language.

The director of the charity said that "although it took Peggy a while to assimilate, she also learned that we love her and reward her."

"It's incredible to see her enjoy the new life that has started with us," said the horten, who said that the hairy Peggy is proof that animals, no matter how old, can learn new tricks