Snowed with his bravery and loyalty was a worthy independence hero

The mucuchíes dog is the official canine breed of Venezuela.

In order to commemorate this June 10, the 208 years of the meeting between the Liberator Simón Bolívar and the dog Nevado in the majestic mountains of the Merida páramo, the Nevado program on Radio this Wednesday paid tribute to this illustrious moment and to the brave legacy that two decades later it prevails under our Mucuchíes race.

To delve into the subject, the host and president of Misión Nevado, Maigualida Vargas had as special guests the popular breeder of the Mucuchíes dog breed, Edgar Albarrán and the historian and chronicler Omar Pérez, who from their different perspectives agreed that the national dog is an ode to the courage, loyalty and bravery represented by its predecessor, the great Nevado.

“Nevado is a symbol of courage, of response, of loyalty. Which reflects values ​​of our idiosyncrasy of struggle. For this reason, its vindication and historical recognition in all spaces is fundamental ”, explained Pérez.

In that sense, the chronicler applauded the efforts that the Nevado collective and other authorities have undertaken so that Nevado is dressed with the title of Bicentennial Dog, thus honoring his role in the libertarian deed.

For his part, the breeder of Mucuchíes, Edgar Albarrán, explained that this year, like all the previous ones, the town of Mucuchíes will dress with joy to pay tribute to its historical symbol, taking care of all biosecurity measures and with a limited capacity of residents.

He also reflected on the importance of caring for and being proud of our heritage canine breed and aspired to continue contributing to the breeding of these sturdy but noble dogs. "We aspire to be invited to the parade in Campo de Carabobo, to celebrate the Bicentennial and continue to show that Nevado left the libertarian strain in all of our Mucuchíes," he stressed.

On the other hand, Maigualida Vargas recalled that the Venezuelan Canine Federation recognized the Mucuchíes breed as ours, which represents a victory and a great step towards its international recognition.

Finally, Vargas extended the invitation to the commemorative act that Misión Nevado and other organizations will be holding on Thursday, in honor of the illustrious moment in which Nevado crossed the path of the Father of the Nation and accompanied his independence struggles to achieve sovereignty national.