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A little dog was treated by Misión Nevado after being a victim of abuse

The abuser is under the orders of the Public Ministry. A total of 110 pets were also treated on the day.

Last Saturday, May 25, during a comprehensive veterinary and vaccination day at Misión Nevado, held in Plaza José Antonio Páez in Catia La Mar-La Guaira state, a puppy was treated that suffered a blow to the head with a blunt object.

The two-year-old furry boy, whose name is Tokio, came to the activity thanks to a worried neighbor; There he received veterinary medical attention and treatment for bleeding in his left eye.

After preparing a medical report, it was determined that the patient will have follow-up and control of his treatment in the coming days at the “Mayor Juan Carlos Rodríguez” Comprehensive Veterinary Center (CVI), located in Tanaguarena.

What happened?

It was learned that as a result of a fight between neighbors, a man hit the canine on the head with a pipe, which was reported to the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), who after receiving the respective veterinary report and the complaint, proceeded to arrest the person accused of mistreating the animal, and present him to the Prosecutor's Office, as reported by Prensa Nevado La Guaira.

On the other hand, it was learned that the alleged aggressor is currently under the orders of the Public Ministry. The case was reported to the security forces and occurred in the Petty Medina sector on the Vía a Esequiel Zamora in said territorial entity.

Tokyo at the time he is being treated by the veterinarian on the day of Mission Nevado

Healthy furry

Additionally, it is important to highlight that at this Nevado Point, more than 110 animals were cared for, including canines and felines, all of them equally furry and friendly, in a work coordinated with the Gran Nevado La Guaira Collective.

The Nevado La Guaira Mission provided different services, including veterinary consultations, deworming, rabies vaccination, nail trimming, ear and eye cleaning; in addition to the application of treatments and vitamins. While the placement of the sextuple and triplefeline vaccines - at a low cost - was optional since these medical supplies were offered by the Gran Nevado La Guaira Collective.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the doses must be given every 21 days so as not to lose the effectiveness of the immunization, in addition to the annual boosters (depending on the case that corresponds to the animal: puppy or adult).

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