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EcoAnimalist Sector expressed its support for Maduro

Mission Nevado, together with the green party, committed to carrying the message of love and awareness for life and the earth throughout the country.

The EcoAnimalist sector participated this Wednesday in a day at Plaza Los Símbolos, in which the groups, movements and organizations of the sector were summoned to express their support for the candidacy of President Nicolás Maduro, a líder who loves and defends animals.

“We commit to deploying throughout the country to carry our message of love and awareness for life and Mother Earth and guarantee victory on June 28”; said the president of Misión Nevado, Maigualida Vargas.

Through his Instagram account, Vargas published the full statement declaring support for President Maduro. Below is the full text:

“Dear animal friends, colleagues and defenders of the most vulnerable beings on our planet, we are facing a crucial moment in which we must unite in a cry for animal protection and respect for life in all its manifestations. Different organizations, movements and expressions of animal activism have come together to raise their voices and support the president and candidate Nicolás Maduro, a man who has demonstrated his commitment to our causes and to the construction of a more compassionate and just world.

In our daily fight to eradicate animal suffering, to defend those who have no voice, it is essential to maintain unity and firmness in our principles. Every life matters, no matter what species it belongs to. Every living being deserves respect. compassion and care.

Today we gather to honor those who dedicate their lives anonymously and selflessly to the defense of animal life. Heroes and heroines, who work every day to give a voice to the sentient beings who so need our protection and compassion. Recognizing their work is essential to remember that the fight for animals is also a political fight, an act of resistance and love in a world that often forgets their most basic rights.”

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