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They took their puppies to become veterinarians and it goes viral

Graduates pose with their pets in an unforgettable photo

In an emotional and original gesture, the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science of a Mexican university (Unam) have left an indelible mark by including their pets in the traditional graduation photo.

The 2019-2024 generation posed with their puppies, creating a unique and moving image that has captured attention on social media. This gesture not only celebrates their academic achievement, but also the special bond they have with their pets, who have been a fundamental part of their university life.

The video, shared on UNAM's official TikTok account, shows the graduates with their dogs, all very handsome and trying to stay still while their owners smile for the camera.

“A GOYA! with a gentle dedication,” reads the description of the video, which shows the students raising their pets so that they can also be part of this special moment.

The reactions were immediate, with dozens of tender comments and congratulations to the university students for their initiative to include their furry friends on such an emblematic day.

One of the graduates of the race, poses with her “lomitos”

Faced with some criticism about the absence of other species in the graduation photo, the graduates explained that the University Heritage did not authorize the entry of large animals such as bovines and horses to the Rectory esplanade. In addition, they highlighted that many animals, such as cats and chickens, become easily stressed in crowded environments.

As future veterinarians, they know that the health and well-being of animals is the most important thing. This gesture demonstrates not only the affection towards their pets, but also the deep respect and responsibility they feel for all species, reflecting the values ​​they have learned and that they will carry with them in their professional career.

The video has gone viral

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