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Husky dog ​​goes missing in Russia and is found with a pack of bears

With the help of a drone, his human managed to find him, fully incorporated into the group

An unusual story, like from a children's movie, is causing a sensation on social networks. A video has captured the attention of millions of people. In the video, a husky dog ​​can be seen running freely through the forest and sharing an unusual moment with a pack of bears.

The video has captured the attention of millions of people. Bears are very territorial and seeing a dog as close and friendly as one of them in the open field never ceases to surprise.

With two of his new friends, while the other led the way

It all started when the dog wandered too far and got lost in the forest, which filled its owner with worry. Desperate to find his pet, the owner decided to use a drone to search the area and have a panoramic view to facilitate the search.

What the dog dad didn't expect was what the drone would capture: amazing footage of the dog interacting with three bears in the middle of the woods. Instead of being in danger, the dog seemed to be enjoying his new friends, and the bears, for his part, seemed to accept him as one of their own, playing and exploring together.

This touching scene has resonated in the hearts of many, highlighting the incredible ability of animals to forge unexpected bonds and overcome species differences.

The video is a spectacle

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