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Dog with cancer helps swimmers in the US

The dog helps reduce the stress of athletes who are going to compete

A dog with cancer helps United States swimmers preparing to participate in the Paris Olympics.

His name is Izzo, a 10-and-a-half-year-old lab husky mix who was recently diagnosed with terminal bone cancer.

Despite his illness, this has not prevented him from continuing his work as a therapy dog, which is an irrefutable example that animals are sentient beings, capable of giving unconditional love and support to those who need it.

And Izzo had been hired as a therapy dog ​​by USA Swimming, a governing body in that country for competitive swimming.

These types of animals are required for people who are under stressful situations, such as training spaces and hospitals.

The entry of this dog was possible thanks to the partnership between USA Swimming, a macro organization for competitive swimming in the United States, with Paws & Think, a non-profit organization that operates in Indianapolis, the latter connects people with therapy dogs, They reviewed portals.

In the case of the swimmers who compete in the Lucas Oil stadium, about 60 therapy dogs live there daily, whose main objective is to ensure that nearly 1.000 swimmers can disconnect from the stress that the competitive environment can cause.

After eight years of uninterrupted work, Izzo was named as an honorary member of the team, this as a token of gratitude to the canine, who has not only been there to support the players, but has also worked in schools, libraries and health centers. medical attention.

Channeling dogs.

Dogs, as well as horses, are animals that are used in alternative therapies to treat patients with various pathologies. They are also required to relieve the stress that high-performance athletes undergo, as it is proven that they reduce blood pressure.

Their role is very important, as they help the therapist capture the patient's attention, which is why they are used in therapies for people with conditions such as autism, attention deficit and Alzheimer's.

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