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The Dodgers: Cubs in the park went viral on social media

A day for baseball lovers and their pets was held at the Dodgers stadium in Los Angeles where the furry ones were the protagonists.

Dodger Stadium was the scene of one more victory for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who won 4-0 against the Colorado Rockies, but also, baseball fans gathered with their dogs in the stands of the stadium. On a day called “Puppies in the Park,” fans had the opportunity to bring their dogs to the stadium, uniting the “entire” family group to support their favorite team.

Some photos of the “attendees” at the Dodgers game

Fans will attend the game with their beloved four-legged friends. The scene was as endearing as it was impressive: dogs of all breeds and sizes, dressed in Dodgers t-shirts or in nature, occupied the stands with their owners, enjoying the game and their favorite team.

The response to this event was overwhelming. Social networks were filled with comments and photos of the adorable dogs of all sizes and breeds, with messages like “Incredible!” and “I can’t believe this is happening in a ballpark.” The enthusiasm was palpable, making it go viral.

In addition to the exciting game, Dodger Stadium offered the “Dock Run,” a space where dogs could socialize and enjoy themselves. This special area was designed so that the puppies could run freely and meet other dogs, while their owners enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

The Dodgers secured a victory with a score of 4-0, extending their winning streak to 38-23. Both human and canine fans went home after a wonderful, milestone day at the stadium.

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