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They released 130 alligators in the Orinoco River

As a result of overexploitation due to poaching for trafficking, the Orinoco caiman fell into danger of extinction

The Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism released 136 Orinoco alligators (Crocodylus intermedius), in the Hato El Cedral, in the state of Apure, in the presence of Minister Josué Lorca and the general director of Biological Diversity, Juan Carlos Santander, in a day which was part of the events for Environment Week.

Minister Lorca indicated that the Orinoco caiman program continues its progress at the instruction of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, for "the strengthening of all conservation programs for endangered species in the country."

The Orinoco caiman, native to the basin of our father river, fell into critical danger of extinction, a product of overexploitation due to poaching for trafficking.

He noted that the Bolivarian Government, since it began the strengthening program, to date, has released more than 12.000 specimens throughout the Orinoco River basin.

A group of boys, girls and young people from nearby communities collaborated with the release of the alligators.

The children received a talk about the origin of the species and the need for its protection.

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