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The first airline designed for traveling with dogs: Bark Air

From the moment of booking, clients are collected detailed information about the dog and travel plans

The first airline for dogs, we are witnessing an exciting transformation with the arrival of BARK Air, an airline designed especially for dogs and their “guardians.” The first ones for this airline took place on May 23.

The growing wave of animal lovers will have the opportunity to take off from Westchester Airport, in New York, to destinations such as London in the United Kingdom or Los Angeles.

The experience of flying with BARK Air not only promises a trip, but a luxurious adventure for your four-legged companion.

From a passport, to being in an environment conditioned for the comfort of your dog

From the moment of booking, customers are assisted by dedicated BARK Air staff, who are responsible for gathering detailed information about the dog and travel plans to ensure a seamless, personalized experience.

Once at the airport, both the dogs and their guardians are received with special treatment, without having to go through the usual security checks.

On board, dogs are pampered with a variety of amenities, from drinks of their choice to exclusive BARK-brand treats. In addition, the environment is carefully prepared with aromatherapy and relaxing music to ensure a calm and pleasant trip.

The prices of these exclusive flights vary depending on the route selected. For example, a flight from Westchester Airport to Stansted Airport in London is $8,000, while a flight to Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles is $6,000.

Although the price may seem high, demand for this exclusive service has been notable, demonstrating pet owners' desire to offer their canine companions a first-class travel experience.

A dog enjoys a video during the flight, savoring what the protagonist squirrel enjoys as food.

The BARK Air travel experience focuses on providing a relaxing and safe environment for dogs, with features like calming pheromones, music and treats specifically designed for their comfort.

During takeoff and landing, water is served to the furry ones and to avoid hearing discomfort, noise-canceling earmuffs and calming jackets ensure a quiet trip at all times.

Although price could be a limiting factor for some, the company has ambitious plans to expand its routes and services in the future, which could lead to greater accessibility and options for travelers and their pets. With BARK Air, travel becomes an unforgettable experience for both dogs and their owners, offering a level of luxury and comfort unmatched in the world of aviation.

With more and more options that dog and cat parents have to travel with their animals, it seems that animal consciousness is expanding its borders and scope.
This is excellent news.

This is the experience of flying with this airline

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