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Caribbean flamingo is rescued from the waters of Lake Maracaibo 

The bird was part of a flock and fell into the lake, exhausted by the intense heat in the area

A juvenile flamingo was rescued after falling into Lake Maracaibo, on its way to Las Peonías Lagoon from the Los Olivitos Ciénaga north of the Zulian capital.

José Sandoval, executive director of Mapace Ecoaventura, explained the details of the rescue, carried out by the Lake Brigade of the Maracaibo Municipal Police.

“This is a well-known species in Zulia, since we are home to 80 percent of its population throughout the Caribbean Sea and it is common to see them in their flocks in the north of the state,” describes the environmentalist with the young flamingo on his lap.

“As the Los Olivitos swamp is the main breeding and breeding site for the Caribbean flamingo and the lake is part of the natural route of the flocks that travel from coast to coast,” says Sandoval, “these incidents occur where the animal, exhausted by "The heat, he falls into the waters of the lake, with the fortune of having been rescued by police units."

The units involved in the rescue were the lake and environmental brigades of the Marabina municipal police and with the supervision of Minec, the bird was released without incident. 

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