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Curly Howard from The Three Stooges was an example of animal protectionism

The dedication of Curly, "the nutty" for homeless dogs, stood out in his time, leaving a great legacy for rescuers.

Talking about The Three Stooges is synonymous with laughter and absurd comedy, but it is also remembering Jerome Lester Horwitz, better known as Curly, one of the most iconic members of the trio. Beyond his interpretation, Curly was a dog lover and dedicated much of his life to helping homeless dogs.

His love for animals was so great that his contract with Columbia Pictures included a clause to bring his dogs to the filming set, which caused unplanned appearances of his pets in some scenes. Later, they modified the clause, leaving only two dogs on the recording set, in each schedule.

His love for dogs made him find homes for many of the street dogs in the towns they visited.

Curly's dedication to homeless dogs was impressive. According to Miranda Squires Magnus, a Three Stooges history enthusiast, Curly used to pick up abandoned dogs he found on his travels and act as a foster home until he found them a home.

It is estimated that he rescued and rehomed more than 5,000 dogs during his lifetime. This act of kindness was replicated and shared widely on social media, especially in groups dedicated to animal protection, where Curly's philanthropy and his unconditional love for dogs are celebrated.

Although Curly had a couple of pedigree dogs such as Collies and Cocker Spaniels, his heart was always with the furry ones most in need.

In the book “Curly: An Illustrated Biography of the Superstooge,” written by Joan Howard Maurer, it is described how Curly's dogs were loyal only to him, reflecting the deep bond they shared.

Despite his personal and health problems, Curly continued his altruistic work until the end of his days. He passed away in 1952 but left a legacy among animal protectors.

A little about Curly's history

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