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How to make your cat happy: A book that translates cat language

"I felt that something like this was missing in the feline behavior book market, something close, without technical words and that it was like a conversation with me," was part of what the Spanish veterinarian Pilar Guerrero wrote, at the time of announcing the launch. from his book: “How to make your cat happy”.

And it is that based on his experience as a veterinary doctor and specialist in feline behavior, Guerrero realized that the market needed a kind of guide that was not so technical but that in turn did not lose the scientific and verifiable meaning of everything What an average human being should know about their cat.

For this reason, his best and most transparent formula was to write a work with questions that anyone would have asked themselves after spending ten minutes with a cat and not knowing very well what to do, how to act and, above all, what to provide for that new feline friend to be happy by your side.

So the veterinarian did not hesitate to use all the doubts of her patients and gather in this work all the possible answers to land those cat lovers and promote a harmonious relationship.

"This book has meant a before and after in my life, and it will mean a transformation in all the people who acquire it," said the expert.

It remains for cat lovers to undertake the task of obtaining this copy and verify first-hand that this text leads to the long-awaited happiness of our michus.

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