Misión Nevado redoubles efforts in the fight against animal abuse

The little monkey is a victim of poaching by the locals

As an animalistic collective that outlines the flags of respect for life in its different forms, the Misión Nevado team has taken on the task of prioritizing complaints of animal abuse, which different users share on the organism's social networks.

This week, the Nevado team of Ciudad Bolívar received a call from the workers of the Mayor's Office of the Angostura del Orinoco municipality, who reported that they rescued a monkey, but apparently he was quite unbalanced.

Despite the first aid work carried out by the volunteers and wildlife experts, the baby monkey did not survive. The team presumes that it is part of the many orphans who die in the poaching of wild animals, when they are torn from their mother, to be commercialized by the locals.

The agency stated that Venezuelan legislation prohibits poaching and commercialization of wildlife. At the same time, he stressed the importance of the installation of the new National Assembly, forged by Deputies and Deputies committed to the protection of all forms of life. “We continue to work to reinforce existing animal protection laws and to create a maxim that condemns this and other types of mistreatment of animals.

Volunteering put all his effort to save his life

Not all complaints are true

Another case of complaint raised in the El Guarataro parish, in La Guaira state, was attended by the Misión Nevado team. With the support of the state police, volunteers moved to the residence of Manchas, a beautiful mixed-breed dog who, according to reports, suffered from abuse by her caregivers.

Contrary to the complaint, the rescuers revealed a dog in good health without any sign of abuse. "She is a happy girl, in good health," described one of the volunteers. To complement the day, they made recommendations of possession to the person in charge of the animal, because the place where Mancha is found is small and does not completely protect it from the onslaught of the weather.

The dog is in good health